Draw a picture of me and submit it to me please
ooh man i had to draw Sugilite shes hella fucking rad    

peterick commission for sen

much better alternative version here

so i redrew my characters from years ago (i drew both of these tonight, the left is just their original scene trash design and the right is their new design)

i know the chick on the right is named radio but i cant remember for the life of me the other ones name so

i just know his pants are a disaster

some emma sketches on m y new tablet!



i wanted to draw nicki and i was originally like okay ill just do a sketch

no no

sketch wasnt enough

but its 3 am and i need to be up by 7 lMAO okay goodnight

gay pizza princesses <3

tumblr fucked up the quality so go to my dA to see the better version

i dont understand how emofuri works but heres this attempt at animating a ghost town girl

i wanted to try doing psg’s style sorta ?? so yeah here’s king geoff for all ur king geoff needs

outfit semi based on this


you’re so very very very very welcome!! thank you for commissioning me!